Pippa Middleton with X-BIONIC®

Pipp Middleton / Image source: : www.blick.ch

Last weekend, Pippa Middleton joined the legendary Inferno-Race in Switzerland and was dressed in X-BIONIC®. The sister of Kate – wife of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge – had a lot of fun during the event and gave a short statement about the race and why she wanted to participate there. She finished the 9.5 kilometres long race at the 97th rank of 196 women and was happy with her result.

Check out the video of the Swiss magazine Sonntags Blick:


Teaserv image source: www.blick.ch

Celebrities in X-BIONIC®: Robbie Williams

Last weekend superstar Robbie Williams was in Ischgl (AT) for the “Top of the Mountain Concert”. Short before the show he posted a photo of himself through his Twitter account wearing an X-BIONIC® Energy Accumulator® EVO shirt and pants because it was a bit to cold for him. The fans were excited about it and the picture was shown across all media. Robbie was posing like a superhero, the usual feeling when you wear X-BIONIC® sportswear 😉 He also posted a picture with former soccer star Diego Maradonna where you can see him with X-BIONIC® again:


Link: Homepage of Robbie Williams

Celebrities in X-BIONIC®: Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz is a Hollywood actor and became very famous through the Twilight movies in the past. Now he is one of the main actors in the new block buster The Expendables 3 with action heroes like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. The movie will be across cinemas from 15. August this year. Last week we found Kellan wearing an X-BIONIC® Energizer Summerlight shirt at the movie´s Facebook page. After we published this picture through our Twitter profile, he replied that he is very happy with our products:

Link: The Expendables 3 homepage

Celebrities in X-BIONIC®: Jessica Biel

Hollywood star Jessica Biel is one of the most famous ladies in the movie business. She uses social media to keep her fans updated and gives a lot of insights into her private life. So she did last year when she posted a picture of herself in X-BIONIC from somewhere in the outback. At the following picture you can see her wearing the X-BIONIC® Energizer shirt and pants (please note that she has put on the pants wrong – the back to the frontside):

Link: Jessica Biel´s Instagram profile

Celebrities in X-BIONIC®: Fernando Alonso

The Spanish Formula One champion Fernando Alonso is a big fan of cycling and running. He is doing his workouts to stay fit for the races and enjoys his training sessions. He often wears X-BIONIC when he goes on a run or a road bike tour. In the past he posted several pictures with our brand on Twitter:



Link: Fernando Alono´s homepage