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Celebrities in X-BIONIC®: Fernando Alonso

The Spanish Formula One champion Fernando Alonso is a big fan of cycling and running. He is doing his workouts to stay fit for the races and enjoys his training sessions. He often wears X-BIONIC when he goes on a run or a road bike tour. In the past he posted several pictures with our brand on Twitter:



Link: Fernando Alono´s homepage

Celebrities in X-BIONIC®: Felix Baumgartner

The Austrian base jumper and extreme sportsmen Felix Baumgartner set some new world records in 2012 when he jumped from a capsule in the stratosphere down to earth. He prepared very long for this incredible jump and used the X-BIONIC® Energy Accumulator underwear during his training sessions. The online TV show Servus TV showed a report about his preparation and allowed a short look at his X-BIONIC® equipment: