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The YUT:AS Experiment Video

More than 40 bike athletes faced off with secret X-BIONIC® prototypes. Without knowing what it would do to them, they put the innovation against their skin – then sent out their honest assessment on social media. Just the way it should be. Because every X-BIONIC® product also has to convince the harshest testers in the world: the bike athletes themselves.

Check out the video from our Event at the Eurobike Demo Day

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How to be a

Road Biker! Some weeks ago we showed you the video How to be a … Mountainbiker, now the same producers published a new video for road cyclists. People who are not familar to road biking may think this is a kind of kidding, but many road cyclists may know the properties that are shown in the trailer. Enjoy this funny short movie!

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The balancing act

Some weeks ago the Belgian actor Jean-Claude Van Damme showed an awesome stunt for Volvo Trucks at YouTube. He showed an epic split between two trucks and kept calm while they drove backwards. The video got over 60 Million views since it was released in November and was shared everywhere around the internet. This commercial trailer became one of the most successful videos in 2013:

And now, some weeks after this great video, one legend had the right answer to this video: Chuck Norris. The well known action hero is going to get on top of this, enjoy his version of the split:


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8 Stages of Marathon Running

If you are a runner, you have to watch this video about Marathon running. These 8 stages are a little bit exaggerated, but basically true. We found this video at YouTube and it was published by user BuzzFeedVideo, enjoy it!

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Off road season: Cyclocross with Hanka

If you are a road biker, you know that it is hard to ride from autumn to spring during the winter season. Cyclocross could be the right alternative kind of sport for you: it is short, more intensive and makes a lot of fun. We had a photo shooting with Hanka last week and will bring you a small off road guide with some tipps for that sport. The pro athlete and many times world and national champion will give you some tipps for your start to the cyclocross sport.

If you missed it, here is our making of collage form last week at Facebook: