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Off road season: Cyclocross with Hanka

If you are a road biker, you know that it is hard to ride from autumn to spring during the winter season. Cyclocross could be the right alternative kind of sport for you: it is short, more intensive and makes a lot of fun. We had a photo shooting with Hanka last week and will bring you a small off road guide with some tipps for that sport. The pro athlete and many times world and national champion will give you some tipps for your start to the cyclocross sport.

If you missed it, here is our making of collage form last week at Facebook:

An East Side Story

This autumn in October the “Swiss Tourism Week” was held in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The Swiss organisation ( promoted their country as a holiday destination for the Russian people, they also talked about travel destinations for the helvetic inhabitants in the big country at the east side of Europe.

There were also two fashion shows held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Moscow and the first class hotel Talion in Saint Petersburg. Swiss ski instructors showed clothing from their country and demonstrated Swissness during the show.

The Ritz Carlton Hotel Moscow & Talion Hotel in Saint Petersburg
Two times first class: The Ritz Carlton hotel in Moscow & the Talion in Saint Petersburg

And what could be a better example for the Swiss perfection and dedication for high performance? You are right – X-BIONIC®! The models showed a small range of our products and the people were thrilled about it, especially our new Patriot range and it´s Russian version. As you can see at the photos, everybody had big pleasure during these events. Check out the photos of the event at Flickr.

[Image source: @ Flickr] Flickr Gallery

The X-BIONIC® Energy Accumulator® EVO Limited Patriot Edition Russia

Shirt and pants
Shirt and pants of the X-BIONIC® Energy Accumulator® EVO Limited Patriot Edition Russia

If you want your own Patriot edition of the Energy Accumulator® EVO, check out our store online for the shirt  and the pants. In spite of the Olympic season, that started last weekend in Soelden, we are looking forward to see some of our Patriots on the podium – stay tuned!


Mahalo Timo, Horst & Jan!

The IRONMAN World Championships on Hawaii are history: The POWER HORSE Triathlon Team showed a great performance and verified it´s leading role in the triathlon scene. Timo Bracht achieved another top ten result and finished on the 9th rank. The Hawaii “newbie” Horst Reichel also had a great start but a hard fight with the heat during his running part. The third athlete of the team, Jan Raphael, dropped out on the final marathon due to health problems. The new champion Frederik van Lierde (Belgium) showed the best performance in the heat of Big Island and finished the race in 08:12:29 hours. The new women´s champion Mirinda Carfrae (Australia) needed 8:52:14 hours for the Ironman. Congratulations to all finishers of this great competition!

Timo Bracht: “Everything given and happy with ninth place”

“It was a very emotional week. There were days when it ran great and days since it went so well. I then managed to get everything out of me when it counted. The result reflects not quite resist my good feeling. I’ve invested from beginning to end, over a period of 8:25 hours, very much and was constantly strong. Therefore, at the end perhaps lacked the power to still make up some places. Ninth place and the second best German – so I can live very well.”

Horst Reichel, “That was a hard thing”

“Unfortunately, I missed the connection while swimming one kilometer and could not prove my good form. The cycling was good and the top 15 were still possible after the change. On the run it was insanely hot. From kilometer 18, I had to take walk breaks. I am happy in spite of everything reached on such a tough day the goal. Because of the heat, I could not retrieve my performance simply, an absolute limit experience. But I’ll be back! “

Jan Raphael: “It seems as if Kona and I are not friends”

“It’s always disappointing not to reach the goal. If I had been able to finish the race, I would have done it anyway. Earlier this week, the discomfort of the hip have been felt, but I thought this to get through the good work of our physiotherapist Dirk Lederer at the handle. It certainly seems so, that Kona and I are not really friends. The disappointment is huge, but I’m happy with my season!”

Team results

Swim (3,8 km) Bike (180 km) Run (42,195 km) Finish Rank
Timo 51:21 min 04:43:46 h 02:56:07 h 08:26:32 h 9
Horst 53:43 min 04:45:49 h 03:30:01 h 09:14:30 h 34*
Jan 53:49 min 04:52:37 h DNF

* Division rank

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End of season TeamRide

The last TeamRide of 2013 is over: a small group of X-BIONIC® fans met at our headquarter in Wollerau. After a short meet and great and an introduction to our new products every TeamRider got his own The Trick® test set. The weather conditions became better and better during the ride. Ahead of the group was Swissman and Norseman winner Markus Stierli who gave us some insights to his great races and the training for these two outstanding Ironmans. After 30 kilometers we had a short break for a hot coffee/tea/chocolate. The tour lead over a few small mountains and we finally crossed the Seedamm near Rapperswill over the Lake of Zurich. We arrived again in Wollerau and had a final snack. The next ride will be in Spring 2014, but perhaps we will organise a Winter edition. See you next year!


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On top of the world: Noel Hanna

X-BIONIC® athlete and adventurer Noel Hanna climbed at the Mount Everest in April this year and was on a special mission: He guided the Russian base jumper and Red Bull athlete Valery Rozov to the north side of the mountain up to 7,220m where he started his highest jump ever. He completed this anniversary jump exactly 60 years after the first ascent at the Mount Everest by Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay. Rozov mentioned after completing the jump: “Only when I got back home did I see how hard it was for me both physically and psychologically” (source:

X-BIONIC® athlete Noel Hanna (l.a.) and Base Jumper Valery Rozkov at the Mount Everest in May 2013
X-BIONIC® athlete Noel Hanna (l.a.) and Base Jumper Valery Rozov on Mt. Everest in May 2013

Their ascent started from China on the famous north route. Finally Rozov jumped on May 5th at exactly at 2:30 pm, when the temperatures was at 18 degrees below zero. The rarefied high altitude air was extremely precarious for him. Noel mentioned after this unique adventure about his X-BIONIC® equipment:

 “Having the best clothing gives you a greater chance of achieving your dream of reaching the summit, this is why I have chosen to wear X-BIONIC® on my last two summits of Mt. Everest. I also had with me X-BIONIC® clothing on  Mt. Blanc again this year. The Outdoor 3 L Jacket is a great jacket I used up to North col and to the summit of Mt. Blanc. The Energy Accumulator Extra Warm top + bottoms is what I wore under my down suit above North col. Great piece of warm clothing; normally I would wear two layers on my legs and two layers on my top under my down suit going to Everest summit but this year I only wore the Accumulator Extra Warm and my body was never cold during my summit. I was never cold and never to hot when wearing them.”

The jump video


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