End of season TeamRide

The last TeamRide of 2013 is over: a small group of X-BIONIC® fans met at our headquarter in Wollerau. After a short meet and great and an introduction to our new products every TeamRider got his own The Trick® test set. The weather conditions became better and better during the ride. Ahead of the group was Swissman and Norseman winner Markus Stierli who gave us some insights to his great races and the training for these two outstanding Ironmans. After 30 kilometers we had a short break for a hot coffee/tea/chocolate. The tour lead over a few small mountains and we finally crossed the Seedamm near Rapperswill over the Lake of Zurich. We arrived again in Wollerau and had a final snack. The next ride will be in Spring 2014, but perhaps we will organise a Winter edition. See you next year!

TeamRide 10/2013

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