Eurobike 2015: Next level cycling with X-BIONIC®

The biggest cycling show in Europe opened the gates this week and started with the Demo Day. X-BIONIC® was there as usual to present the latest products and to offer test sets featuring the YUT:AS secret. We invited 40 exclusive selected participants among all applications we received for this great event. Everyone was excited about the upcoming tests and the weather looked promising too.


After a short briefing and the handover of the test sets, we separated in two groups and went for a short pre-lunch ride. The road bike team was really motivated and went about 30 kilometers in just 55 minutes.  You can check out the STRAVA track of the first ride here:


The mountain bike team rode at the test track area next to the event area with our special off-road tour guide David from the Focus X-BIONIC® Team.


After the lunch break, the road bike team started a longer tour with 60 kilometers across the beautiful Bodensee area next to Friedrichshafen. Everyone liked the perfect cycling conditions and was happy with the test set of our brand new Twyce gear and the YUT:AS project. Check out the second road bike tour here:


The mountain bikers had fun as well and returned happy from the second test ride. The final thermo scan with a unique scan for each participant was a nice feature and visualised the temperature distribution. You can see it in our Facebook gallery.

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Eurobike 2015