Fitness training with X-BIONIC®

Last Saturday we organized our first fitness X-PerienceDay in collaboration with Swiss fitness coach Daniele Pauli. He is a powerlifter, fitness expert and manages a lot of VIP’s. About 25 guests joined our exclusive event and came from Germany and Switzerland to improve their own fitness.

Fitness coach Daniele Pauli

X-BIONIC® fitness expert Daniele Pauli

Before we started the training session, the X-PerienceDay began with a short meet and greet and a little breakfast in our office. After that, our participants got some interesting and exclusive insights to our development department and learned a lot about X-BIONIC®’s latest technologies and products.

X-PerienceDay Fitness | 07/11/2015

Bo talked about interesting details of our latest technologies and products

In the other workshop that we prepared, fitness expert and personal trainer Daniele Pauli talked about useful ways of training and healthy nutrition for different kinds of sportsmen. The participants also received a printed booklet with all the information and tips Daniele gave them during the seminar.

X-PerienceDay Fitness | 07/11/2015

Daniele during his training and nutrition workshop

When the workshops were done, we handed over the test sets: THE TRICK® running shirts & pants for men and women. The fitness training was planned to take place in a gym hall  inside the Erlenmoos building. But the weather was perfect for an outdoor training session, so we decided to go outside. Sunshine and temperatures above 20 degrees made the test day perfect. Daniele pushed us to our limits, but everyone enjoyed the workout and had a lot of fun.


You can find more event pictures in our Flickr gallery, just click here → [LINK]

The event ended with a healthy lunch we organized at the restaurant Erlenmoos. The participants gave us some great feedback: they were absolutely happy with the workout and whole event!

We are now looking forward to the next X-PerienceDay in December: track cycling at the Velodrome Suisse!