Goodbye 2013 – Hello 2014!

A great year for X-BIONIC® is over. We got a lot of new fans and customers who had their first experience with our brand and products. We also released great new products, for example the whole new Patriot Edition and showed the new bike products of The Trick®. The first big event of the year was the ISPO in Munich at the end of January. In April we had our first TeamRide with nice people who rode with us around the Lake of Zurich. In June the first Swissman took place where X-BIONIC@ equipped both winners Emma Pooley and Markus Stierli. Markus also won the legendary Norseman two months later.

In June we also had a trip to Ibiza with the whole X-BIONIC® team from Wollerau. We had a great time there and won´t forget the beautiful island! In August we met again some nice people at the Eurobike and had a fantastic Demoday with olympic silver medal winner and several world champion Hanka Kupfernagel and Horst Reichel from the POWER HORSE Triathlon Team. Many biker got the chance to test the whole new The Trick® bike wear and went on a ride with us. In October we had our final TeamRide with Markus Stierli, which was our own little Demoday where all TeamRiders could test The Trick® bike gear.

We also grew up very big at Facebook: We started with 7256 fans on January 1st, and we finally reached now over 81.000 – that´s amazing, thanks for your support! And we finish our Social Media year with a great new feature: Global Pages for Facebook. This tool merges all country pages in one identity. Now you can see all X-BIONIC® fans in one place and you can choose the country pages updates you want as you received before this change.

The whole X-BIONIC® team wishes you a

Happy New Year and good luck in 2014!


Review 2013 Enjoy our short review of 2013 with the best social media photos of the year!

Mitterspitz ahead - submitted by Thomas
Paszke360 who started his trip in January around the world and had to stop his adventure due to technical problems.
Markus Süße at his Braveheartbattle training
Timo Bracht & Horst Reichel were spotted at a training session in a
The new X-BIONIC® Effektor Lady Running and Bike sets. As you can see the X-Bionic Ladies Tri Team is very happy with it ;-)
Always keep your knees warm! (image source: Ruedasflacas at Facebook)
Greetings from Lappland: Two weeks left for Subaru Ice & Action this season.
The new POWER HORSE Triathlon Team: Georg Potrebitsch, Timo Bracht, Jan Raphael and Horst Reichel — at Lanzarote
Timo Bracht won the Ford Ironman Los Cabos
Timo and the real Power Horse :-)
Jarlinson Pantano, Team Colombia 2013 with X-BIONIC® Precuperation socks. The team had a great year and showed an outstanding performance at the Giro later in 2013.
Ruben Sorolla Benedico in Effektor Bike wear at Paris Roubaix 2013
The first TeamRide in 2013 - beautiful sunshine!
Focus X-Bionic Team
Hanka Kupfernagel during her training session
X-BIONIC® EFFEKTOR testing in Italy with Migidio Bourifa - molto bene!
Greetings from Ibiza
Making of X-BIONIC® photo shooting in the Dolomites
Amedeo Volpe:
The finishers of the first SWISSMAN Xtreme Triathlon - Congratulations!
The first German X-BIONIC® store inside the Hofstatt in Munich
Christophe Gyger running the Eiger Ultra Trail: 101Km | 6850m ascent | 18h 42m 36s →
A new challenge for PRECUPERATIONMAN !!! Fighting against exhaustion is his secret mission to give your strength back when you sleep!
Jérémy Pouge - How beautiful is that?
Carsten Schymik:
Markus Stierli wins the legendary Norseman extreme Ironman
Eurobike Demoday 2013: Meeting awesome people!
Test ride with prototypes of
X-BIONIC® at the Eurobike fashion show - thumbs up!
The new Effektor bike gloves
Stay ahead with X-BIONIC®!
X-BIONIC® athlete Bernhard Steinberger finished at the 2nd place at the Race Around Ireland behind RAAM 2013 winner Christoph Strasser.
Enjoy the sunshine!
Enjoy the last few warm days of the year!
X-BIONIC® - Most Innovative Brand 2013 - 5 times in a row!
Tine Holst - Professional X-BIONIC® Triathlete
The last TeamRide 2013 with Swissman and Norseman winner Markus Stierli
The POWER HORSE Triathlon Team with three athletes at the Ironman World Championships at Hawaii, Timo finished again among the top ten!
Cyclocross shooting with Hanka Kupfernagel
The first snow arrived in Switzerland´s lower regions (21.11.)
Now available: The Limited Patriot Edition X-BIONIC® Energy Accumulator® EVO →
The X-BIONIC® Venus Run 2014 in Singapore - 5.000 women will be running in the especially designed pink Venus Run collection.
Timo Bracht visited the X-BIONIC® office in Wollerau
The Norwegian Alpine Ski Team had a great start to the season with a downhill victory of Aksel in Beaver Creek. (image source: Norwegian Alpine Ski Team)
The X-BIONIC® Energy Accumulator EVO Limited Patriot Edition Switzerland →
Julia Simic posing in X-BIONIC® - the 24 year old German international and midfield player at 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam likes her Swiss Engineered training gear.
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