Idea Suisse Innovation Award 2014

X-Technology: Idee Suisse Innovation Award 2014

The Think Tank behind the brand X-BIONIC®, X-Technology Swiss R&D AG, was awarded yesterday with the Swiss Innovation Award 2014. The award celebrated it’s 25th anniversary and honored the brand and it’s innovation power straight from the heart of Switzerland. CAO Patrick Lambertz mentioned:

“We are happy to receive this honorable award as it underscores and widens X-BIONIC’s® perception as a swiss brand of quality on a national and  international scale.”

The “Swiss Innovation Award of the IDEE-SUISSE® association to encourage the economical chances for the future” was found in 1985. It was expanded in the year 2002 by the title “Innovative entrepreneur of the year”. The intention of this award is to honour single persons, companies, groups or institutions which make a contribution to reinforce the Swiss economy.

The award ceremony was held in the Technopark Zürich, which is a center for economy, innovations and young entrepreneurs. It is also the top location for technology transfer in Switzerland and a key point of contact for innovative start-ups looking to transform knowledge into marketable products and services. |

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X-Technology Swiss Research & Development AG is based near Lake Zurich in Switzerland. This is where ideas become reality. We transform innovative design into award-winning products. The result: 300 proprietary patents, 171 international design awards and customers widely recognised as leaders in their fields.

We combine scientific research and longstanding experience with a passion for innovation.

Prof. Bodo W. Lambertz