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On top of the world: Noel Hanna

X-BIONIC® athlete and adventurer Noel Hanna climbed at the Mount Everest in April this year and was on a special mission: He guided the Russian base jumper and Red Bull athlete Valery Rozov to the north side of the mountain up to 7,220m where he started his highest jump ever. He completed this anniversary jump exactly 60 years after the first ascent at the Mount Everest by Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay. Rozov mentioned after completing the jump: “Only when I got back home did I see how hard it was for me both physically and psychologically” (source:

X-BIONIC® athlete Noel Hanna (l.a.) and Base Jumper Valery Rozkov at the Mount Everest in May 2013
X-BIONIC® athlete Noel Hanna (l.a.) and Base Jumper Valery Rozov on Mt. Everest in May 2013

Their ascent started from China on the famous north route. Finally Rozov jumped on May 5th at exactly at 2:30 pm, when the temperatures was at 18 degrees below zero. The rarefied high altitude air was extremely precarious for him. Noel mentioned after this unique adventure about his X-BIONIC® equipment:

 “Having the best clothing gives you a greater chance of achieving your dream of reaching the summit, this is why I have chosen to wear X-BIONIC® on my last two summits of Mt. Everest. I also had with me X-BIONIC® clothing on  Mt. Blanc again this year. The Outdoor 3 L Jacket is a great jacket I used up to North col and to the summit of Mt. Blanc. The Energy Accumulator Extra Warm top + bottoms is what I wore under my down suit above North col. Great piece of warm clothing; normally I would wear two layers on my legs and two layers on my top under my down suit going to Everest summit but this year I only wore the Accumulator Extra Warm and my body was never cold during my summit. I was never cold and never to hot when wearing them.”

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