X-BIONIC® Berlin Marathon Photo Contest

40th Berlin Marathon – 29. September 2013

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[toggle title=”English”] Post a photo of yourself in X-BIONIC® and your marathon number during the Berlin Marathon and enter the contest. All you have to do is to upload your photo into this contest. The voting for all entries start right now and lasts until the 18th of October 2013. If a friend of you joins the contest too, you will earn an additional entry that increases your chance to win. If you enter the contest directly at the event in Berlin, you will get an X-BIONIC® Wallaby at our booth in hangar 6/stand 801. You only need to show us your uploaded picture inside the contest app. (Only until stock lasts!)

Klick here and enter the contest!

How can I participate the contest?

  1. Open the contest page with your internet browser → http://woobox.com/mrv5z5
  2. Upload your photo and enter your name and email address
  3. Done!

Now it´s up to you and your Facebook friends: they can vote every day one time for your picture until the end of the contest (18. October 2013). You might also achieve bonus entries by liking two other Facebook pages of us and every time a friend of you enters the contest. You can also use your Instagram or Twitter account: just add the hashtag #xbionicberlin and upload your photo as usual into these networks. It might last a few moments until your picture appears inside the contest (15 – 30 min). Good luck!
[/toggle] [toggle title=”Deutsch”] Lade ein Bild von dir in X-BIONIC® in unsere Gewinnspielapp hoch und nimm an der Verlosung teil. Das Voting für das beste Bild ist bis zum 18. Oktober freigeschaltet. Falls einer deiner Facebook-Freunde ebenfalls am Wettbewerb teilnimmt, bekommst du die Möglichkeit, ein weiteres Bild hochzuladen, was deine Gewinnchance nochmals erhöht. Falls du dein Bild schon vor dem Wettkampf hochlädst, bekommst du an unserem Stand in Hangar 6/Stand 801 ein X-BIONIC® Wallaby geschenkt, du musst uns nur dein Bild in der Gewinnspiel-App zeigen. (Nur solange der Vorrat reicht!)

Hier klicken und am Gewinnspiel teilnehmen!
Hier klicken und am Gewinnspiel teilnehmen!

Was muss ich machen, um am Gewinnspiel teilzunehmen?

  1. Öffne deinen Internetbrowser und gehe zur Gewinnspielseite → http://woobox.com/mrv5z5
  2. Lade dein Foto hoch und gib deinen Namen und deine Email-Adresse an
  3. Fertig!

Jetzt sind deine Facebook-Freunde am Zug: sie können jeden Tag einmal für dein Foto bis zum Gewinnspielende voten (18. October 2013). Du kannst deine Gewinnchance erhöhen, indem du bei einer unserer anderen Facebook-Seiten ebenfalls “Gefällt mir” drückst oder einer deiner Freunde auch am Gewinnspiel teilnimmt. Du kannst zudem via Instagram oder Twitter teilnehmen: ergänze einfach das Hashtag #xbionicberlin in deinem Text und veröffentliche deinen Post wie sonst auch in diesen beiden Netzwerken. Es dauert allerdings eine Weile, bis diese Bilder dann in der Gewinnspiel-App erscheinen (ca. 15-30 min). Viel Glück!

More information about the event at the official homepage → www.bmw-berlin-marathon.com

On top of the world: Noel Hanna

X-BIONIC® athlete and adventurer Noel Hanna climbed at the Mount Everest in April this year and was on a special mission: He guided the Russian base jumper and Red Bull athlete Valery Rozov to the north side of the mountain up to 7,220m where he started his highest jump ever. He completed this anniversary jump exactly 60 years after the first ascent at the Mount Everest by Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay. Rozov mentioned after completing the jump: “Only when I got back home did I see how hard it was for me both physically and psychologically” (source: www.redbull.com).

X-BIONIC® athlete Noel Hanna (l.a.) and Base Jumper Valery Rozkov at the Mount Everest in May 2013
X-BIONIC® athlete Noel Hanna (l.a.) and Base Jumper Valery Rozov on Mt. Everest in May 2013

Their ascent started from China on the famous north route. Finally Rozov jumped on May 5th at exactly at 2:30 pm, when the temperatures was at 18 degrees below zero. The rarefied high altitude air was extremely precarious for him. Noel mentioned after this unique adventure about his X-BIONIC® equipment:

 “Having the best clothing gives you a greater chance of achieving your dream of reaching the summit, this is why I have chosen to wear X-BIONIC® on my last two summits of Mt. Everest. I also had with me X-BIONIC® clothing on  Mt. Blanc again this year. The Outdoor 3 L Jacket is a great jacket I used up to North col and to the summit of Mt. Blanc. The Energy Accumulator Extra Warm top + bottoms is what I wore under my down suit above North col. Great piece of warm clothing; normally I would wear two layers on my legs and two layers on my top under my down suit going to Everest summit but this year I only wore the Accumulator Extra Warm and my body was never cold during my summit. I was never cold and never to hot when wearing them.”

The jump video


Noel Hanna´s homepage → http://noelhanna.com

Valery Rozov´s Facebook page → Valery Rozov

Photo contest: Summer with X-BIONIC®

The best season of the year is almost over: Summer! Join our  X-BIONIC® photo contest to share your summer activities with us and the community – post your favorite photo on Instagram and win one of our prizes.

The entries for the contest is open until the end of the Summer – Sunday 22nd of September. The three most voted Instagram photos with the hashtag #summerwithxbionic will earn one of the following prizes:

This is box title
1. X-BIONIC® EFFEKTOR™ running set valued EUR 195

2. X-BIONIC® Speed Shirt RT 2.2 valued EUR 89

3. EFFEKTOR™ xbs.competition socks valued EUR 59

X-BIONIC® Effektor™ Running Powershirt® Men
X-BIONIC® Effektor™ Running Power Pants Men
X-BIONIC® Effektor™ Running Powershirt® Women
X-BIONIC® Effektor™ Running Power Pants Women
X-BIONIC® Running Speed Shirt
X‐BIONIC® Effektor™ xbs.competition
Created with oQey Gallery

How can you participate and win one of these cool X-BIONIC® prizes?

  1. Post your favorite photo on Instagram or take a new, cool photo with Instagram
  2. Tag the it with the hashtag #summerwithxbionic
  3. Upload the photo and let the community vote for it

If you are not familiar with Instagram yet, don´t worry – it´s easy to use. Just have a look at our Instagram guide and download the app on your smartphone!

[appbox appstore id=389801252][appbox googleplay id=com.instagram.android]

To see all entries and vote for them, search at your Instagram app for the hashtag #summerwithxbionic or open the Statigram page and login with your Instagram account.

Check out recent Instagrams tagged with #summerwithxbionic: