Award Repeater X-BIONIC®

X-BIONIC® is the world’s only brand with 7 consecutive “MOST INNOVATIVE BRAND AWARD” titles, the biggest award for technology, sports and design. The Plus X Award honours manufacturers for the quality advantage of their products. This adds to the recognition culture benefiting innovative companies that today are already thinking about tomorrow.

The award ceremony of the largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle products took place last week in Bonn. More than 350 invited guests saw the ceremony for the 25 Most innovative Brands of the year.

The host and president of the Plus X Award, Donat Brandt, could greet the numerous top decision makers from industry and retail as well as selected personalities from society, media and politics in the impressive atmosphere of the plenary hall of the First German Bundestag in Bonn.

During the large stage show, 26 brands received the golden, nearly 7 kg heavy trophy from the member of the Plus X Award panel of judges. The impressive stage, specifically built in the plenary hall, which is protected as an historic monument, provided the perfect surrounding for a stylish premium event. (Official Press Release)

The X-BIONIC® award champions – selected by the jury

X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini Bike Jacket

X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini Bike Jacket
X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini Bike Jacket

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X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini Golf Jacket

X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini Golf Jacket
X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini Golf Jacket

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X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini Formula Ski: Jacket Xitanit® 2.0

X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini Formula Ski: Jacket Xitanit® 2.0
X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini Formula Ski: Jacket Xitanit® 2.0

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Event pictures

X-PerienceDay Biking & Running

Last month we organized the 5th X-PerienceDay this year here in Wollerau, our guests came from Germany, Switzerland and Austria to test the latest products. After a short meet and greet, we started the event with an introduction to the company and the development department showed some of the latest products and technologies:

X-PerienceDay Biking and Running 02
Our guests asked a lot of questions during the presentation of the development department.

After this “theoretical” part, the participants received their test equipment. The weather was perfect for the test event and we were looking forward to enjoying a perfect day. We prepared two different courses for running and cycling. The runners tested THE TRICK® shirts and pants and ran around a small sea next to our company. There we prepared a short uphill challenge where they could earn a Patriot Swiss Wallaby. Everyone who completed it, received the reward directly:

You can view the whole running course directly on STRAVA:

The cyclists received an X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini Huracán Edition test set for the ride. We started our tour to the Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil course and had a short break at the transition area of this event with a short introduction to the triathlon organisation:

You can check out the complete course directly on STRAVA:

After the nice trip, we returned to Wollerau and enjoyed a delicious BBQ which we have well deserved after the exhausting ride. We talked about the experience we had the past few hours during the run and the ride. Our guests were very happy and enjoyed the well organized X-PerienceDay. Check out our gallery with some pictures from the event:

The next test day will be in two weeks and we will have a rowing event at the Zuerisee. Our special guest and professional rower Steve Hiestand will join the event and support us with helpful tips for this kind of sport, you can already apply now:

Hannes Arch is back

The X-BIONIC® athlete could repeat his success from the last year and beat his competitors during the third round of the 2015 Red Bull Air Race World Championship in Rovinj. He showed a great performance during the thrilling races in the coastal town of Croatia and won the Final 4 challenge. Due to this victory Hannes is now at the third rank of the Red Bull Air Race world championship standings. Hannes said after his first success this year:

It was an important victory for me after the difficult season start in Abu Dhabi and the desaster in Chiba. If you want to win, you have to believe in yourself [..] I have a good feeling with my team and we achieved our goals now, this is a good feeling that I don’t want to miss anymore.

Hannes and his team are now looking forward to the next Red Bull Air Race in Budapest/Hungary during the first weekend in July. Read more about the upcoming event at

Watch the official race summary video:

(If your browser doesn’t play the video, you can watch it at

Final standings in Rovinj

1 Hannes Arch
2 Martin Sonka
3 Matt Hall
4 Michael Goulian

Current World Championship standings

1 Paul Bonhomme (GBR) 25
2 Matt Hall (AUS) 25
3 Hannes Arch Hannes Arch (AUT) 17
4 Nigel Lamb (GBR) 12

Read more about Hannes Arch and X-BIONIC at

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Velodrome Suisse: Track cycling workshop with X-BIONIC®

Almost two weeks ago we organized our second track cycling workshop this year in Grenchen, it was the fourth X-PerienceDay in 2015. In February, we were already on this track and every participant was happy with the great event at the Velodrome Suisse.

This time our guests came from Switzerland and Germany to join the track cycling event. Most of them visited for the first time a cycling track and were really impressed about the steepness of the turns (46 degrees), this was really fascinating when they saw it for the first time. They could not imagine riding in that zone, but everyone could resolve it after some laps with the instructors.

X-BIONIC® X-PerienceDays: Track Cycling in Grenchen
The steepness in the turns is really impressive when you see it for the first time live (46 degrees)

After we introduced ourselves to each other, the workshop instructors gave first insights into the track bike and the do’s and dont’s during the riding.

X-BIONIC® X-PerienceDays: Track Cycling in Grenchen
Full concentration: no gears, no brakes and a fixed rear wheel – you always need to watch the rider in front.

We finished this event with a lot of new knowledge about how to train and behave on a cycling track. We are planning to repeat this workshop later that year and are looking forward to seeing you there!


Apply now for one of the next events at

Get more information about Velodrome Suisse at

X-BIONIC® Racing Team: Super Trofeo season start in Monza

Last weekend the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo season kickoff took place in Monza/Italy. For the first time, X-BIONIC® stood at the starting line with its own team: the X-BIONIC® Racing Team with leader Cédric Leimer. The Swiss amateur race driver, who already won two championships in this series in 2011 & 2012 was really excited about the upcoming races in Italy.

Cédric Leimer, X-BIONIC® Racing Team

Cédric and all the other Super Trofeo pilots received their brand new X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini Super Trofeo Pilot Edition Jacket and were really happy about it. A sales version of this desirable and exclusive pilot jacket will be available soon, check out the X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini area in our webshop →

The new X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini Super Trofeo Pilot Jacket

The qualifying and the races last weekend in Monza were promising for Cédric and the whole X-BIONIC® Racing Team. His next chance for another good result will be in Silverstone next month, where the European Super Trofeo series will be continued. We wish him all the best for the next races!

Check out our image gallery and the official live stream videos of both races:

ImagesVideo Race 1Video Race 2
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