Pedal for no Medal

*Update 10 February 2015

The project Pedal for no Medal has its first anniversary: one year ago they arrived in Sochi. Some weeks ago they published the video of the trip, a really nice one:

Last week they also received their reward from us because they sent us their X-BIONIC® products they used during the adventure. We sent them a The Trick® biking set plus socks and they were happy:


Click here to read the original post about the project from last year

Four guys from Riga started an outstanding project: they cycle from Lattvia´s capitol to the Olympic games in Sochi. They started on January 21st and planned the arrival for the 7th of February, the day the Olympic Games begin. The hardest thing during this 2800 kilometers long ride is their fight against the winter conditions. They have to ride through five countries and about 165 kilometers per day to reach Sochi on the planned date.

#PedalForNoMedal – Kārlis Plakans, Kārlis Krustojums, Roberts Draugs & Kaspars Skincs

Janis, the guy who is one of the organizer of  this trip, told us about about the unusual bike tour:

“To make this not only adventure project, we thought making something good. And what’s more good than helping children. To encourage our followers make donations for renovating Children’s Hospital’s Hemato-oncology ward. Also guys will work as messengers. In special boxes mounted on bikes, they will deliver children drawings and good wishes to our Olympians.”

This aim makes the four guys really sympathic and we wish them all the best for this adventure. Janus also told us, that the team truts in X-BIONIC® and X-SOCKS®, so they easily decided to wear our products during the ride – that sounds great too! Watch their nice trailer:

You can stay updated through their web site or social media, find more information in the box below. They also put a live tracker online, so everybody can see, where they actually are.

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