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Pippa Middleton with X-BIONIC®

Last weekend, Pippa Middleton joined the legendary Inferno-Race in Switzerland and was dressed in X-BIONIC®. The sister of Kate – wife of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge – had a lot of fun during the event and gave a short statement about the race and why she wanted to participate there. She finished the 9.5 kilometres long race at the 97th rank of 196 women and was happy with her result.

Check out the video of the Swiss magazine Sonntags Blick:


Teaserv image source: www.blick.ch

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X-BIONIC® and The Expendables 3

Get ready for one last ride: The Expendables 3 started their action in the cinemas all over the world. Become a part of it and post your #EX3 cinema ticket in your favorite social media network to earn an X-BIONIC® voucher for our web shop.

X-BIONIC® & The Expendables 3

X-BIONIC® & The Expendables 3

How does it work? Just watch The Expendables 3 in your favorite cinema, take a photo of the #EX3 ticket and post it to social media with the hashtags #EX3 and #EX3XB. Find out more details about the collaboration between X-BIONIC® and The Expendables 3 at www.x-bionic.com/expendables-3!

Official #EX3 TrailerGet your personal 20 Euro voucher for your #EX3 ticket here!

Just post a picture of your cinema ticket on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtags #ex3 and #ex3xb and and we will send the voucher within 72 hours to you!


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The Incredible Chloe Bruce

Martial arts is a very fast and sophisticated kind of sports. Only the best athletes perform good enough to win international championships and act as a stunt double in Hollywood. X-BIONIC® ambassador Chloe Bruce is one of these rare athletes and one of the best martial arts fighters worldwide.

Besides her several championship titles she is also a Guinness world record holder and acts for different Hollywood movies as a stunt double. Some weeks ago we talked to Chloe and she told us a bit about her training and career as well:

“I originally started training in the footsteps of my father and brother. They were training before I was, and after seeing my brother train, I wanted to give it a try also.”

Chloe trains nearly every day and has multiple talents in different kinds of sports. She also created an individual move:

“My favourite martial arts move, has to be the scorpion kick, which I created myself, and is my signature kick.”

Chloe is also publishing a training series on YouTube named Flexy Friday. There she teaches some special moves and how much control you can have over your kicks and your legs in general with a proper training. In one of her Flexy Friday videos you can see her wearing the X-BIONIC Effektor gear for women. You can find this and other fascinating martial arts videos in the tabs below.

You can find the whole interview by clicking on the picture below, enjoy it!

InterviewChloes Flexy Friday with X-BIONIC®

Chloes Flexy Friday featuring X-BIONIC®

“Flexy Friday” is a series of video tutorials, where she shows her fans how to make one of her special moves. You can watch all videos at her YouTube channel.

GalleryStunt double for Guardians of the GalaxyMore cool videos with ChloeLinks
Flexy Friday with Chloe and X-BIONIC® <span>by Chloe Bruce (source Flexy Friday video)</span><span>by Chloe Bruce</span><span>by Chloe Bruce</span><span>by Chloe Bruce</span><span>by Chloe Bruce</span><span>by Chloe Bruce</span><span>by Chloe Bruce</span><span>by Chloe Bruce</span>

Official movie trailer

Stand Bold



Winter Wonderland

Q & A with Chloe

How long have you been exercising martial arts?

I have been training in martial arts for 22 years now.

How did you come to this kind of sports?

I originally started training in the footsteps of my father and brother. They were training before I was, and after seeing my brother train, I wanted to give it a try also.

What´s your recommendation for interested and beginners in martial arts?

I would say give it a go. You never know if you are going to enjoy something, until you put yourself out there and go for it! Martial arts has helped me with self respect, confidence and all round fitness. It was the best thing I ever got into.

How often do you train?

I try to train at least 6 times a week for a few hours at a time. My training varies according to my work and shooting schedules.

Chloe Bruce

Chloe Bruce © www.shockmansion.com

What is your favorite martial arts move?

My favourite martial arts move, has to be the scorpion kick, which I created myself, and is my signature kick.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to continue down the path I am going, which is working in movies and in the not so distant future I would also love to have my own full time martial arts school where I can pass on my knowledge to a younger generation and start coaching. I love coaching and seeing the improvements made by others.

Do you have idols?

My main idols are my parents, Debbie & Roy Bruce, I literally wouldn’t be where I am today without them. They have sacrificed to help fund my sport, and never gave up hope on me.

What is your top 5 movie hitlist?

My top 5 movie hitlists:- 1. Shawshank redemption – 2. Taken – 3. Rush hours – 4. Ong bak – 5. Unleashed

What is your top 5 playlist for training sessions?

I don’t really have a top 5, but I do have a training playlist which I love to work out to. It consists of a lot of chase &amp; status, Eminem, which craft, pendulum. I like fast paced, or rap with meaningful words.

You already tested X-BIONIC, which products did you wear?

For X – Bionic I tried the Effector running power pants and the Effector running power shirt.

What is your favorite feature of them, what do you like most of it?

I loved how they sat on my body. I thought I would feel tight and restricted but they are some of the most comfortable training wear I have tried. My best feature is the element of keeping my body cool whilst working out.

Thanks for this nice interview Chloe!

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Celebrities in X-BIONIC®: Robbie Williams

Last weekend superstar Robbie Williams was in Ischgl (AT) for the “Top of the Mountain Concert”. Short before the show he posted a photo of himself through his Twitter account wearing an X-BIONIC® Energy Accumulator® EVO shirt and pants because it was a bit to cold for him. The fans were excited about it and the picture was shown across all media. Robbie was posing like a superhero, the usual feeling when you wear X-BIONIC® sportswear 😉 He also posted a picture with former soccer star Diego Maradonna where you can see him with X-BIONIC® again:


Link: Homepage of Robbie Williams

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Celebrities in X-BIONIC®: Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz is a Hollywood actor and became very famous through the Twilight movies in the past. Now he is one of the main actors in the new block buster The Expendables 3 with action heroes like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. The movie will be across cinemas from 15. August this year. Last week we found Kellan wearing an X-BIONIC® Energizer Summerlight shirt at the movie´s Facebook page. After we published this picture through our Twitter profile, he replied that he is very happy with our products:

Link: The Expendables 3 homepage