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Let the sun shine: X-BIONIC® X-PerienceDay!

Last Saturday we organised another exclusive X-PerienceDay at our headquarter here in Wollerau. The sun was shining and the weather remained perfect during the whole event. Some of our fans traveled very long distances to participate, for example from Hamburg or Frankfurt/M. in Germany.

After a short meet and greet in the morning, we introduced the company and our team provided insights into our product development department. During the running and cycling part, our guests tested X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini Bike wear and THE TRICK® run and bike wear.

X-PerienceDay Bike & Run

The running team explored the closer area next to our office location. The landscape around our company is quite hilly but very cool for such a running event. The cycling team covered about 55 kilometers over a few mountains and had a lot of fun. Our video team filmed during the whole ride and used a drone for some cool footage.

The lunch after the sporty part was very delightful and we enjoyed our meal outside, it was very warm and sunny. The X-PerienceDay was very successful with nice people and we are looking forward to our next event in October.

Find out more about the X-BIONIC® X-PerienceDays and apply at www.x-bionic.com/x-perience-days

Eurobike 2015: Next level cycling with X-BIONIC®

The biggest cycling show in Europe opened the gates this week and started with the Demo Day. X-BIONIC® was there as usual to present the latest products and to offer test sets featuring the YUT:AS secret. We invited 40 exclusive selected participants among all applications we received for this great event. Everyone was excited about the upcoming tests and the weather looked promising too.


After a short briefing and the handover of the test sets, we separated in two groups and went for a short pre-lunch ride. The road bike team was really motivated and went about 30 kilometers in just 55 minutes.  You can check out the STRAVA track of the first ride here: www.strava.com/activities/377236070.


The mountain bike team rode at the test track area next to the event area with our special off-road tour guide David from the Focus X-BIONIC® Team.


After the lunch break, the road bike team started a longer tour with 60 kilometers across the beautiful Bodensee area next to Friedrichshafen. Everyone liked the perfect cycling conditions and was happy with the test set of our brand new Twyce gear and the YUT:AS project. Check out the second road bike tour here: www.strava.com/activities/377236499.


The mountain bikers had fun as well and returned happy from the second test ride. The final thermo scan with a unique scan for each participant was a nice feature and visualised the temperature distribution. You can see it in our Facebook gallery.

Eurobike impressionsThe new X-BIONIC® Twyce VideoNew X-BIONIC® Bike Wear Catalogue
Eurobike 2015

The YUT:AS Experiment

We’re saying nothing; you’re experiencing everything.

Your skin is on fire. A shiver shudder travels up your spine. You’re breaking ground no one before you has dared to explore. You’re testing first-hand the latest X-BIONIC® innovations — without knowing what they are doing to you! Unravel the mystery of patent EP 2640208 B1 and report back. Are you ready? Then apply now! The application period to become one of the 40 exclusive testers is well under way.

The benefits of our YUT:AS (YOU TELL US) Experiment

X-BIONIC® brings you an exclusive Eurobike Demo Day (normally only our dealers get access). As a participant, you will extensively test brand-new X-BIONIC® innovations and experience the prototypes before launch. Try out our bike-wear all day, anywhere on the course — use your own bike or the latest test bikes from renowned manufacturers.

  • Free entry ticket for the EUROBIKE Demo Day.
  • Be among the first to experience the brand-new X-BIONIC® innovation live.
  • Receive an exclusive X-BIONIC® gift.
  • Receive a thermal scan of yourself.

Apply now



Velodrome Suisse: Track cycling workshop with X-BIONIC®

Almost two weeks ago we organized our second track cycling workshop this year in Grenchen, it was the fourth X-PerienceDay in 2015. In February, we were already on this track and every participant was happy with the great event at the Velodrome Suisse.

This time our guests came from Switzerland and Germany to join the track cycling event. Most of them visited for the first time a cycling track and were really impressed about the steepness of the turns (46 degrees), this was really fascinating when they saw it for the first time. They could not imagine riding in that zone, but everyone could resolve it after some laps with the instructors.

X-BIONIC® X-PerienceDays: Track Cycling in Grenchen
The steepness in the turns is really impressive when you see it for the first time live (46 degrees)

After we introduced ourselves to each other, the workshop instructors gave first insights into the track bike and the do’s and dont’s during the riding.

X-BIONIC® X-PerienceDays: Track Cycling in Grenchen
Full concentration: no gears, no brakes and a fixed rear wheel – you always need to watch the rider in front.

We finished this event with a lot of new knowledge about how to train and behave on a cycling track. We are planning to repeat this workshop later that year and are looking forward to seeing you there!


Apply now for one of the next events at www.x-bionic.com/x-perience-days

Get more information about Velodrome Suisse at www.velodromesuisse.ch

LikeBike Monte Carlo – luxury and design on 2 wheels with X-BIONIC®

This week the first edition of the LikeBike Monte Carlo takes place in the heart of the principality. The LikeBike Monte Carlo is open the whole Easter weekend from Friday to Sunday. All products at this exhibition are presented by some of the most exclusive companies in the bicycle industry and beyond.
For that reason X-BIONIC® is one of the few exhibitors there: we will present our latest products of X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini which are soon available at our webshop.

X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini brings the aura of the automobile brand onto the human body. And provides it with the physical superiority that makes it an icon. Exclusivity and aesthetics, dynamics and prestige, crowned by visible technological advantage. At Automobili Lamborghini, the interplay of surface and edge have been made into a design language.

The NiteRace in Monaco

Last Sunday the NiteRace took place at the original F1 track in Monaco. Our British distributor and former pro cyclist Matteo Carrara participated at this unique race the week before the exhibition. Below you can find some pictures that were taken during the event. We will update this post the within the next few days and add new pictures from our booth, stay tuned!

likebikemc_01likebikemc_06likebikemc_02likebikemc_03likebikemc_05likebikemc_04likebikemc_07X-BIONIC® for Automobili Lamborghini

Watch the official LikeBike trailer featuring X-BIONIC®: