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Ask the athlete: Timo Bracht

Do you have a question to Timo? Tomorrow we will have the second interview session at the Eurobike. The eight times Ironman champion will answer your questions about training, equipment, race tips and anything else you want to know from him.

Due to technical problems we won´t be able to broadcast the interview live, but we will publish the video with all statements and answers later. Just write your questions into the comments below!

X-BIONIC® Hangouts On Air live from the Eurobike

*Update: We will start the hangout with Hanka today about 11 am. The Interview will be in German language and subtitled afterwards. Tune in → www.youtube.com/xsocks!

At the Eurobike 2013 we will have live interviews with two of our athletes: Pro cyclist Hanka Kupfernagel and 8-times Ironman winner Timo Bracht will answer your questions at the 28th and 30th of August. To join this live event, just enter your questions to Hanka and Timo into the form fields below, we will raffle five winner for each event with one of the athletes.

Google+ Hangouts On Air
Google+ Hangouts On Air

We are going to announce the winner and schedules of the two Hangouts separately. Watch it live at our YouTube channel or afterwards here → www.youtube.com/xsocks. We will announce the exact starting time of the interviews on Wednesday and Friday  short before the beginning at our Facebook or Twitter channel.

If you want to join our hangouts, it´s necessarily that you have a Google account (Gmail or Google+) and a webcam with a microphone. If you want to learn more about Hangouts On Air please check out the official Google Hangout On Air page, it´s really simple!



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