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Photo contest: Summer with X-BIONIC®

The best season of the year is almost over: Summer! Join our  X-BIONIC® photo contest to share your summer activities with us and the community – post your favorite photo on Instagram and win one of our prizes.

The entries for the contest is open until the end of the Summer – Sunday 22nd of September. The three most voted Instagram photos with the hashtag #summerwithxbionic will earn one of the following prizes:

This is box title
1. X-BIONIC® EFFEKTOR™ running set valued EUR 195

2. X-BIONIC® Speed Shirt RT 2.2 valued EUR 89

3. EFFEKTOR™ xbs.competition socks valued EUR 59

X-BIONIC® Effektor™ Running Powershirt® Men
X-BIONIC® Effektor™ Running Power Pants Men
X-BIONIC® Effektor™ Running Powershirt® Women
X-BIONIC® Effektor™ Running Power Pants Women
X-BIONIC® Running Speed Shirt
X‐BIONIC® Effektor™ xbs.competition
Created with oQey Gallery

How can you participate and win one of these cool X-BIONIC® prizes?

  1. Post your favorite photo on Instagram or take a new, cool photo with Instagram
  2. Tag the it with the hashtag #summerwithxbionic
  3. Upload the photo and let the community vote for it

If you are not familiar with Instagram yet, don´t worry – it´s easy to use. Just have a look at our Instagram guide and download the app on your smartphone!

[appbox appstore id=389801252][appbox googleplay id=com.instagram.android]

To see all entries and vote for them, search at your Instagram app for the hashtag #summerwithxbionic or open the Statigram page and login with your Instagram account.

Check out recent Instagrams tagged with #summerwithxbionic:

#hashtag us on Facebook!

On Wednesday 12th of June 2013 Facebook introduced one of the best social media features there is: hashtags. This conversation tool has a long tradition in other social media networks like Twitter, Instagram or Google+. Hashtags are available for users to mark their content with specific tags to become part of public conversations. A #hashtag is a word starting with the symbol „#“ followed by a word, for example „#xbionic“. See our first Facebook article with this feature:

Hashtags on Facebook
Hashtags on Facebook

If you click on one of the hashtags #fotoshooting or #xbionic, a popup window opens with search results, that contain all articles with the hashtag you clicked on. That means an article gets more visibility in different public conversations if it has more hashtags. You can also search for hashtag conversations with the regular Facebook search tool above the content.

That works also on Twitter and Instagram and has the same effect in these networks. See the examples with the hashtag #xbionic:

Hashtags on Twitter
Hashtags on Twitter
Hashtags on Instagram
Hashtags with #xbionic at Instagram
Image by ramlekrub

Google+ launched hashtags only a couple of weeks before, see the following example with different clickable hashtags:

Hashtags on Google+
Hashtags on Google+
Image by pi mo

With rolling out hashtags on Facebook, this cool feature finally arrived in all important social media networks. That makes it easier for you to find the content you are searching for and to discover the whole content from another point of view.

Now it´s up to you: Mark your content with #xbionic, #xsocks or #xnutrio to show us your daily activities with your favorite brand!

Instagram images with #xbionic:


Instagram for beginners

Instagram is an image based social network. One typical feature of all uploaded images is, that they are all square shaped and often added with a special color filter. Every image can be tagged just like Twitter posts with hashtags. That makes it easier for users to find images with a special content or topic. A lot of our fans add the hashtag #xbionic to every image they upload. These pictures can also get likes or comments from other users. Here is an example photo from our own stream:

X-BIONIC® at Instagram
Photos with the hashtag #xbionic displayed at Instagram

For a better usability you may also use Statigram at your desktop computer, it is an Instagram web viewer for a better experience and handling in a web browser. Instagram was primarily developed for mobile devices to take pictures and upload them instantly. Statigram is the better way to browse and search through the images at Instagrams at home on your PC or Mac. Here is the same image from above displayed at Statigram:

Photos with the hashtag #xbionic displayed at Statigram
Photos with the hashtag #xbionic displayed at Statigram

If you want to get a complete step by step guide, how to use Instagram, read this extensive article by Mashable.

If you want to download the app for your mobile device, just visit your appstore:

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iOS Appstore

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[appbox googleplay id=”com.instagram.android”] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Windows Phone”]

Windows Phone Appstore

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If you own a Windows phone, check out the best unofficial apps for Instagram, presented by CNET.


Finally check out the photos that were taken by Instagram users, who added the hashtag #xbionic: