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WOK World Champion Jambob

Last weekend the WOK World Championship took place in Germany and the X-BIONIC® supported Jamaica Bob Team won the title – Congratulations! The annual fun event is very popular among young people and shown on the German TV channel Prosieben. The host Stefan Raab created this event in 2003 and gathers lots of celebrities and international sports champions every year. Learn more about the event at tvtotal.prosieben.de


Red Bull Air Race 2014

The first Red Bull Air Race 2014 presented a sovereign champion: X-BIONIC® with Hannes Arch finished at the 2nd rank in Abu Dhabi! After a three year break, the fastest racing series in the world is back and the pilots had an exciting fight last weekend. Hannes Arch defended his leading role and looks forward to the next races. Congratulations on this great achievement – we wish him all the best for the further season and the fight for the championship this year! The next Red Bull Air Race will be held on 12th/13th April in Rovinj/Croatia. Find more information about Hannes and the race series at www.x-bionic.com/hannes-arch.

Hannes Arch - Red Bull Air Race 2014 / Abu DhabiHannes Arch - Red Bull Air Race 2014 / Abu DhabiHannes Arch - Red Bull Air Race 2014 / Abu DhabiHannes Arch - Red Bull Air Race 2014 / Abu DhabiHannes Arch - Red Bull Air Race 2014 / Abu DhabiHannes Arch - Red Bull Air Race 2014 / Abu DhabiHannes Arch - Red Bull Air Race 2014 / Abu DhabiHannes Arch - Red Bull Air Race 2014 / Abu DhabiHannes Arch - Red Bull Air Race 2014 / Abu DhabiHannes Arch - Red Bull Air Race 2014 / Abu DhabiHannes Arch - Red Bull Air Race 2014 / Abu DhabiHannes Arch - Red Bull Air Race 2014 / Abu DhabiHannes Arch - Red Bull Air Race 2014 / Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi 2014 – Race Day Video

Who needs Q?

The character Q is one key element in the action movies about the  fictional British Secret Service agent James Bond, code name 007. In each new Bond story, Q invents helpful and cool gadgets for the royal agent. But do we need such gadgets in our daily business, spare time or sports activity and what can we learn from these progressive inventions for 007? Some features became reality, for example navigation systems or smartphones. But do we need Q to get such unique things? No!

What we need are people like Prof. Bodo W. Lambertz, X-BIONIC® CEO and designer in chief. He invented the X-SOCKS® and holds about 200 international patents for the textile area. His revolutionary ideas changed the whole market for sports textiles. X-BIONIC® was the first brand that combined more functionalities in one garment than any other big player on that market. For example the sweat management was completely new defined. Instead of transporting the sweat away from the skin, X-BIONIC® keeps it for a better performance. That helps to cool the body and to stay on its optimal temperature of 37 °C, just like the nature intended it.

Prof. Bodo W. Lambertz
Prof. Bodo W. Lambertz

All further X-BIONIC® and X-SOCKS® products had one role model: mother nature. In Millions of years life forms grew on earth, that learned to live in different conditions and developed the best body functions for their natural environment. Why should we invent something new? This is the inspiration for Professor Lambertz and his development team in Wollerau when they applicate natural functionalities in new products, also known as bionics.

X-SOCKS® technologies and patents
X-SOCKS® technologies and patents

Professor Lambertz gave an interview to the Bond magazin earlier this year and talked about the history of the X-SOCKS® and X-BIONIC®. He also talked about his former career aspiration when he was a kid and how his unique ideas become reality. Read the full interview below:

X-BIONIC® Effektor Products
Check out the X-BIONIC® Effektor products for Men and Women → Effektor Men / Effektor Women

40k Facebook Raffle: The Winners

Yesterday we started a raffle at our Facebook wall because we reached 40.000 fans. The only thing you had to do was to like or comment this post:


Finally we picked three winners of all likers and commenters:

Congratulations! We will contact all winners via Facebook.

An East Side Story

This autumn in October the “Swiss Tourism Week” was held in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The Swiss organisation (www.myswitzerland.com) promoted their country as a holiday destination for the Russian people, they also talked about travel destinations for the helvetic inhabitants in the big country at the east side of Europe.

There were also two fashion shows held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Moscow and the first class hotel Talion in Saint Petersburg. Swiss ski instructors showed clothing from their country and demonstrated Swissness during the show.

The Ritz Carlton Hotel Moscow & Talion Hotel in Saint Petersburg
Two times first class: The Ritz Carlton hotel in Moscow & the Talion in Saint Petersburg

And what could be a better example for the Swiss perfection and dedication for high performance? You are right – X-BIONIC®! The models showed a small range of our products and the people were thrilled about it, especially our new Patriot range and it´s Russian version. As you can see at the photos, everybody had big pleasure during these events. Check out the photos of the event at Flickr.

[Image source: MySwitzerland.com @ Flickr] Flickr Gallery

The X-BIONIC® Energy Accumulator® EVO Limited Patriot Edition Russia

Shirt and pants
Shirt and pants of the X-BIONIC® Energy Accumulator® EVO Limited Patriot Edition Russia

If you want your own Patriot edition of the Energy Accumulator® EVO, check out our store online for the shirt  and the pants. In spite of the Olympic season, that started last weekend in Soelden, we are looking forward to see some of our Patriots on the podium – stay tuned!