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The X-SOCKS® Saga

Read the story about a pair of X-SOCKS®, the exact socks Sam Langley bought from Sweatshop in Plymouth for £13.00 (X-SOCKS® Speed One for men) and what happend to him during the trail running event  ‘Tough Mudder‘:

Basically, I attended the event ‘Tough Mudder’ on the weekend in which I participated. ‘Tough Mudder’ if you are unaware is a 12 mile army-style assault course set in the welsh breacon beacons national park. I wore the socks as well as some running shoes in which I bought prior to the event, knowing the event would test myself thoroughly with the terrain.

Unfortunately, after only 3 and a bit miles the soles fell off both the shoes, and then within 4 and a half miles the shoes had torn so much they were impossible to wear on my feet, therefore having to make the decision to bin the shoes. Teammates and people who were running the course all said to me I should give in as there was no way in which I could run the final 7 1/2 miles just in socks, covering hills and a total elavation of 500ft, rocks, knee-deep mud, water, rivers as well as obstacles. But with little deliberation I carried on and managed to finish the course in a good time, doing the majority of the distance in the socks.

When I finished, I took off the socks that had carried me basically 8 miles, and to my astonishment, not one hole appeared in the sock. Which I thought was amazing as I had ran 12 miles in them, 8 of which I did bare footed and just in the socks, encountering many obstacles on the way as well as 8 miles of direct contact with rocks, mud, grass, safety pins, water, hay. I just thought that was pretty impressive considering most socks would have worn away as well as my hope of finishing the course.

I have various photos of the socks at the end of the challenge, but also the company I work for our getting a 6 part tv series on Sky next year, and the film crew filmed us going around the course, including the saga with the socks, so they may even get air time on sky next year when the series goes on air.

Sam Langley

The fastest mountaineer

By climbing the south face of Annapurna by direct route, Swiss climber Ueli Steck has just completed one of the greatest achievements of the past decades. It is thought impregnable by the direct route. The south face of Annapurna (8091m) is a huge wall of ice and rock 2500m high and 12km wide, stiff and a technical relentless, exposed to winds.

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It is the deadliest Himalayan peak after K2. The biggest climbers failed there. This mythical wall, never climbed alone.

Ueli Steck, speed climber, 37, has climbed in 28h between 8th and 9th last October. Solo and without oxygen, with a lightweight bag. Economy of means rarely achieved. For comparison, the victorious ascent led by Chris Bonington on the same south side in 1970 took two months, six high camps and 4500m of fixed rope.

43 years later, this ultra fast solo achievement, acts as a further step in himalayisme performance. And brought Steck in the pantheon of climbers.

Ueli Steck – Annapurna South Face – Quick Edit from Nepal from Fenom Creative Group on Vimeo.

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