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The balancing act

Some weeks ago the Belgian actor Jean-Claude Van Damme showed an awesome stunt for Volvo Trucks at YouTube. He showed an epic split between two trucks and kept calm while they drove backwards. The video got over 60 Million views since it was released in November and was shared everywhere around the internet. This commercial trailer became one of the most successful videos in 2013:

And now, some weeks after this great video, one legend had the right answer to this video: Chuck Norris. The well known action hero is going to get on top of this, enjoy his version of the split:


Timo Bracht: Hawaii Calling 2012

The X-BIONIC® top triathlete Timo Bracht during his preparation for the Ironman at Hawaii in 2012. With big ambitions, he was looking forward to the Mecca of all triathletes. For the 12th time he gathered his strength once more for the ultimate race of the year and exuded a confident looseness. Check out his way to the biggest long distance triathlon event every year:

[Youtube_Channel_Gallery feed=”playlist” user=”PLwWK8UJyFanVZbIGCeBwMZcLPvLEJIa0x” videowidth=”560″ ratio=”16×9″ theme=”light” color=”white” autoplay=”0″ rel=”0″ showinfo=”0″ maxitems=”16″ thumbwidth=”160″ thumbratio=”16×9″ thumbcolumns=”2″ title=”1″ description=”0″ thumbnail_alignment=”top” descriptionwordsnumber=”6″ link=”1″]